The British Chiropractic Association Announces New Sleep Health Partnership with Kaymed

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) is delighted to welcome Kaymed as our ‘Sleep Health Partner, offering products and knowledge to the BCA community.

Together, Kaymed and the BCA hope to learn from each others’ expertise and experiences to evolve and improve innovation in sleep wellness.

Kaymed has a strong pedigree in the provision of medical grade bedding components to meet the needs of pressure sensitive patients. Their extensive experience in the sleep arena matched well with our wish to support BCA members in the provision of crucial sleep health support for their patients.

Kaymed believes that the best way to build your confidence in the quality, comfort and temperature regulating benefits of their products, is to let you experience them first hand. We hope that Kaymed’s exclusive offers will encourage you to do just that and become part of this exciting new chapter between the BCA and Kaymed and our efforts to improve sleep wellness together.

Patients of chiropractors who are members of the British Chiropractic Association are now able to get two free iGel™ Advance pillows, worth up to £139, with every iGel™ Advance mattress purchase they make at Bensons for Beds*. Patient must present offer leaflet in-store at the time of purchase. Offer leaflets will be available at member chiropractic clinics who have opted in to receive the promotional materials related to this offer. For more information, speak to your chiropractor. 

*Terms and Conditions apply (please see below)

On the importance of choosing the right pillow, BCA Member and Chiropractor, Marc Sanders, says: “I often see patients who find the way they are sleeping is contributing to their back or neck pain, and often it’s their pillows which are to blame. It is best to adjust the amount of pillows you use so that your neck is in a neutral position, ensuring your neck is in line with the rest of your spine when you lay your head onto your pillow. Often two pillows, depending on their thickness, can be too many as that can cause your neck to excessively bend, whereas if your pillow is too thin, you may find that your neck is bent backwards. When we adopt these ‘end-range’ neck postures during sleep it is believed this is one of the many factors that can increase biomechanical stresses on our neck, leading to stiffness and pain in the morning”.

iGel™ Advance Front & Back Sleeper Pillow and Side Sleeper Pillow are designed to help support the head in a healthier, more comfortable alignment.

More information for BCA members who would like to display the offer leaflets in their clinics can be found here.