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“To be there for you when you need us, providing practical tools and services, guidance for your practice and your business, day-to-day, as you develop professionally, and during times of difficulty.
We speak up in support of your profession, as part of person-centred, mainstream healthcare.”

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The BCA’s Vision is for chiropractic to be integral to UK healthcare. To achieve this, we have been working tirelessly to create a home for chiropractors who put patients first.

We support our members in all aspects of their professional lives, allowing them to devote their energies to delivering person-centred care.

The BCA has not only founded chiropractic in the UK as we now know it, but is continuing to develop the profession and achieve magnificent results year in, year out (more about which you can read below). This makes the Association a trusted source for chiropractors, but also patients and other stakeholders, who rely on us for:

  • Business support
  • Professional tools and services
  • Professional learning and development
  • Recognition within wider healthcare
  • Promoting and protecting ethical ways of working
  • Sense of belonging
  • Providing an inclusive, modern voice for chiropractic – aligned to wider healthcare
  • Defining and sharing best practice through evidence and ethics

A year of progress for the profession!

As we continue to support our members and work towards our Vision for chiropractic to be integral to UK healthcare, we’re delighted to report to you the positive changes that we have seen in the last 12 months:

New Members

Nearly 20% more new members joined the BCA in 2023 compared to 2022 – a record year in its own right. We were particularly pleased to see our new graduate joiners increasing year on year, making the BCA the main choice for new chiropractors entering the profession. In 2023, we also delivered a number of talks to chiropractic students from the five UK institutions during key stages of their studies, about who we are, why chiropractors join us and how we can support them with their transition from being a student to becoming a practising chiropractor.

In the Healthcare Community

The Government’s Occupational Health: Working Better consultation: We responded to the Government’s call to create a national ‘health at work’ standard and for Occupational Health to include access to more multi-disciplinary health professionals, including chiropractors.

The Government’s Major Conditions Strategy consultation: We also responded to the Major Conditions Strategy consultation which aimed to gather feedback about facilitating treatment and improved outcomes for major conditions, including MSK issues. Our response focused on improving access to wider healthcare partners and the benefits of early intervention through preventative care.

All of this strengthens our value proposition and, most importantly, builds confidence in the profession from those who may have previously been sceptical. We are now able to increase this confidence further with our Patient Charter which has created a foundation for more work to promote BCA chiropractors as evidence-informed, ethical experts within the modern healthcare team.

In the Media

As the largest professional association of chiropractors in the UK, the BCA is called upon to be the voice of the profession in a variety of situations. In 2023 we organised and participated in a number of initiatives and media titles, including:

Steph’s Packed Lunch: In March, our member Nick Grimshaw made an appearance on the popular Channel 4 daytime show, Steph’s Packed Lunch. During his guest spot, he provided advice and conducted a demonstration for the TV and radio personality, Nick Grimshaw.

Chiropractic Awareness Week 2023: To commemorate Chiropractic Awareness Week in 2023, we conducted a survey of 5000 people across the UK in partnership with One Poll. The aim was to gain insights into the musculoskeletal (MSK) issues prevalent in Britain. We then shared our findings with national and regional journalists, shedding light on the number of people grappling with MSK issues, their coping mechanisms, and how GP waiting lists impact their care. The Daily Mirror, in particular, used our statistics to highlight the need for private healthcare to collaborate with the NHS.

Leading voice in the healthcare landscape: Throughout the year we joined many topical conversations in tier one media, positioning the BCA as a leading voice in the healthcare landscape. This included the opportunity we secured for our former President, Catherine Quinn, in The Guardian where she discussed the latest massaging device, Backhug. The journalist was eager to hear Catherine’s perspective on the device, putting the BCA and chiropractic at the forefront of this widely discussed topic. Other tier one pieces included the Daily Mirror’s piece on better balance, where we offered insight on how to maintain a healthy spine for better balance.

Back Care Awareness Week (2-8 October 2023): To mark Back Care Awareness Week, we crafted a series of regional and national e-alerts, utilising our research findings from One Poll. These e-alerts highlighted the significant number of people in the UK suffering from back pain and managing it through exercise. As a result, we secured a broadcast segment with BBC Midlands, featuring BCA member Gemma Phipps at the Hands on Clinic and her patient, Karen. The segment effectively conveyed the life-changing impact Gemma has had on Karen’s life, aligning perfectly with our core message and commitment to promoting the benefits of chiropractic care.

Consumer Insights: This year, we achieved great success in consumer media by sharing valuable tips and insights from our members. This included BCA Member, Kathryn Deverson’s commentary in SheerLuxe magazine, where she discussed the advantages of seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy, and Catherine Quinn’s tips on maintaining healthy posture in Woman’s Weekly Magazine.

International Representation: The BCA is the only UK professional association which represents UK chiropractors at international level as a founding member of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC). In 2023, BCA members attended the WFC’s 17 Biennial Congress in Australia to represent the BCA membership and the UK chiropractic profession, celebrate the development of chiropractic and discuss the importance of person-centred care.

Best in class member services

Chiropractors don’t have to join a professional association, but nearly 2000 chiropractors choose to be part of the BCA to connect, learn, network and share with others who value a person-centred ethos.

Supporting chiropractors is in our DNA. We know how hard you work for your patients and throughout our 99 years of existence, we have gained unparalleled experience of chiropractic needs and intricacies within the health sector.

As an organisation we aim to advise and guide members through their professional life, including:

Employment, HR and Health and Safety

Compliance support and advice from a specialist business helpline (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), as well as complaints procedures advice, clinic resources, template employment contracts, micro-awareness videos on various subjects (such as bullying, harassment and victimisation) and more!

Legal and Tax advice

Legal advice on business matters within UK law, and UK tax advice.

Find a Chiropractor feature

Member inclusion in our Find a Chiropractor feature on the BCA website, which attracts over 40 000 annual visits each year.

Access to Latest Research

Free subscription to the Research Review Service (RRS) with further discounts on RRS courses.


Free subscription to iRefer, an essential online reference tool, published by The Royal College of Radiologists, that provides up-to-date guidance on selecting the most appropriate imaging investigation for a range of clinical problems.


A helping hand with the daily costs of clinical products and services, as well as regularly updated high street discounts.

BCA Events

Ran throughout the year, our online and in-person events provide opportunities for our community to come together, often gaining valuable CPD hours while nurturing relationships that support members in their professional life. We have adapted our events schedule to include more CPD throughout the year and in 2023 our online BCA Sessions attracted over 2000 sign ups across the year, with 11 hours of virtual learning available live and with unlimited post-event access for all members.

Each year, the BCA hosts a popular conference aimed at celebrating the Vision and Mission of the Association, reconnecting with peers, and creating new relationships with like-minded professionals. We also organise the BCA Excellence Awards, showcasing and celebrating the achievements within the membership.

Dedicated Member Professional Network

In 2023, we launched the BCA Professional Network (our private LinkedIn group), offering online connectivity within the membership community.

If you need further information about membership of the BCA, please contact


We know that many chiropractors choose us as their Association because BCA Insurance Services* provide the most robust protection for chiropractors on the market, covering both claims by patients and insurance-backed defence costs at the General Chiropractic Council (GCC).

You can practice with confidence when backed by BCA Insurance Services*, which is available exclusively to BCA members. BCA Insurance Services* offer a bespoke complaint-handling service, where BCA members receive guidance from experienced, specialist insurance advisers to support and defend their interests.

*BCA Insurance Services is a trading name of Lloyd & Whyte Ltd.

You can find out more about BCA Insurance here. If you need further information about the BCA Insurance policy, please contact


Committed to doing things properly

Our Association is led by a Board of elected BCA members, which epitomises our values of quality and decency. BCA ‘Full’ members elect our Board to ensure the individual member’s voice is at the heart of our work.

We encourage members to undertake the Royal College of Chiropractor’s PRT programme, completion of which also leads to being promoted to ‘Full’ BCA membership and entitles voting rights within our democratic structure

Don’t know how we would have got through recent times without all your dedication and incredible commitment to your members and our patients. Thank you guys.

“I look forward to the years ahead with the BCA.” 

“Massive thank you. As a new grad, I couldn’t be happier to be part of an Association promoting and expressing this form of message and mission statement! It’s great to have so much pride in being part of this Association. Thank you to all of those involved!” 

“Proud to be joining the BCA as a new graduate. Exciting times ahead!”

“Just what the profession needs to stand behind! A Vision we can all be proud of.”

“[The BCA’s Vision] is the Vision a lot of us have always had from before we even graduated, which is why we chose to be BCA members in the first place; none the less, such a clear declaration is wonderful to see. Great job you guys.”


Fees for 2024

BCA Member Fees

Our fees structure for 2024 is designed to support our members across many different contexts, particularly seeking to support those who are newly qualified into the profession. Details can be found in the tables below.

BCA Insurance

At the start of the year, we asked BCA Insurance Services*, to go out to the insurance market to check we are still offering our members the very best insurance package at a competitive price. We know, our leading insurance product is one of key reasons members join the BCA and we will always strive to offer the best available on the market.

After extensive analysis and assessment, we are moving our insurance to Hiscox from 2024. If you have queries about BCA Insurance, you can get further information here.

*BCA Insurance Services is a trading name of Lloyd & Whyte Ltd.

Our membership period runs from 1 January to 31 December each year but those joining during the year will have their fees pro-rated. For practising BCA membership categories there are several tiers of cost, depending on your year of graduation (if you wish to join before 1 January 2024, please contact

BCA Fee Table 2024

Year of GraduationMember Fee Total (includes  Chiropractic Research Levy) £Insurance (incl Insurance Premium Tax @ 12%) £Membership and Insurance Total £
2020 (and earlier)650935.391585.39
Returning from parental leave *420935.391355.39
Practising academic faculty rate **420935.391355.39
Non-practising academic faculty rate ***210935.391145.39
Student membership000

* Members who are returning from maternity, paternity, shared parenting or adoption leave. N.B. Please advise the BCA both in advance of leave and ahead of a return to work.  

** Those working at a GCC-accredited chiropractic teaching institution, who are in private practice outside of faculty work. Must be working in a faculty role of around 15 hours or more per week / or at the discretion of the BCA Board/Director of Membership & Operations. Can be taken as ‘Member only’ or ‘Member with insurance’. Subject to application. 

*** Those working at a GCC-accredited chiropractic teaching institution in the UK, who are not in private practice. This could be taken as ‘Member only’ or ‘Member with insurance’ (if the faculty role requires individual insurance). Subject to application. 

Where there are extenuating financial circumstances, illness, or family issues, a concessionary consideration may be made on member fees. Amount and period at the discretion of the Board / Director of Membership & Operations. Subject to application. All reduced and concessionary rates are subject to annual review.

If you choose to pay by direct debit, payments are taken over 10 monthly instalments, starting in January, which helps you to spread the costs. There is no additional charge for this facility. Alternatively, you can pay by BACS in a single payment.

Fees table for those graduating in 2024

2024 Graduate Fees Table

Month of GraduationMember Fee Total £Insurance (incl Insurance Premium Tax @ 12%) £Membership and Insurance Total £


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If you would like to join the BCA for Membership with Insurance in 2024, you can do so by clicking the button below and completing our membership and insurance application form. It’s as simple as that!

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All members join on a Provisional basis. To become a Full, voting, member of the Association, one of the requirements for this is a successful completion of the PRT programme, run by the Royal College of Chiropractors.

If, however, you graduated at least five years ago and did not undertake the PRT programme at the time, there is currently a potential route to Full BCA membership for you as an experienced chiropractor. The BCA will need evidence that you have achieved the equivalent of the requirements of the current PRT programme.

If you wish to pursue this route, contact us on

When PRT or equivalence is completed, the name of the applicant is put forward in the next BCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in order to be passed into Full Membership by the BCA membership.


The BCA offers free membership to chiropractic students.

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For chiropractors not currently practising in the UK, we offer Associate Membership. This membership category does not include insurance; it is a ‘keeping-in-touch’ category of membership. The cost for 2024 is £140.

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As we continue in our Mission to be the home for chiropractors who put patients first, we look forward to welcoming new members for 2024.
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