London South Bank University Opens Doors to Croydon’s Newest Chiropractic Clinic

On 8 December 2022, London South Bank University (LSBU) opened doors to Croydon’s newest chiropractic clinic. The clinic, based at the university’s Croydon Campus, is student-led and will deliver complete Chiropractic care at affordable rates for the local community.

Among the guests at the grand opening were BCA President and Vice President, Catherine Quinn and Tim Button, who celebrated this hugely impactful development for Croydon’s community and the chiropractic profession.

BCA Vice President, Tim Button, at LSBU’s Croydon Campus

Tim Button said: “It is a great honour for Catherine and I to be here today representing the BCA and its members. The UK profession is going through an exciting time of growth, and seeing our students learning along a wide variety of healthcare professions reflects our vision for chiropractic to be integral to UK healthcare. We were delighted to welcome the latest graduates from LSBU this year and have been incredibly proud to see them taking up roles in our committees with such enthusiasm.

Reflecting on the diverse communities in Croydon and London, over 40% of the Chiropractic students at LSBU (the majority of whom have grown up in London) are of Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. According to the GCC’s latest EDI report, fewer than 10% of the registered chiropractors in the UK are from these backgrounds. Part of the mission of the LSBU Chiropractic programme is to bring chiropractic to those currently underserved communities.

Mark Langweiler, LSBU Clinic Director in Chiropractic, said: “To be able to open the doors to LSBU’s state-of-the-art Chiropractic Clinic is a real privilege. As a student-led clinic, we’re expecting to treat up to 400 people a year, improving their health and quality of life and making a real impact in the local community as the only university in London to offer Chiropractic courses. The new clinic will give LSBU students access to the latest evidence-based skills and therapies, providing them with the learning they need to be effective clinicians and build successful careers in the industry.

BCA President, Catherine Quinn, at LSBU’s Croydon Campus

Catherine Quinn, said: “Being present for such an important moment in LSBU’s history is a real privilege. Having been involved in the course development and accreditation over 5 years ago, it is wonderful to see the course really set its roots down in Croydon. Thank you to the LSBU team for showing such innovation in your leadership of the course and in the development of these fantastic learning facilities, and congratulations on this special day.

Picture on the left: Catherine and Tim with Rob Crowley (Senior Chiropractic Lecturer), Mark Thomas (Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead) and Patina Solly (Chiropractic Lecturer)

Picture on the right: Catherine and Tim with Penny Bance and Elisabeth Austin from the General Chiropractic Council