Who are Lloyd & Whyte and The Benefact Group?

Lloyd & Whyte are the providers behind BCA Insurance Services, and they have some positive news to share. 

Why trust L&W?

1. We’ve been partnered with the BCA for over 15 years. Not only does this give us insight into the challenges of your profession, but also means we’re held to account for what we do for members.

2. We’re part of the Benefact Group, an international family of financial services businesses of which all available profits go to charities and good causes. The Benefact Group is the fourth largest corporate charitable donor in the UK. By working with L&W, you’re contributing to building a movement for good that transforms lives and communities.

3. We’re one of only a handful of organisations who can boast both Corporate Chartered Insurance Broker and Corporate Chartered Financial Planner status, awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute. This voluntary marque is our way of demonstrating our commitment to high quality standards of professionalism to our clients, partners, and people.

4. Our Independent Financial Advisers are just that – independent! We aren’t tied to any one provider but instead have access to the whole market. This means clients will only be recommended a provider who meets their needs.

5. We have a rigorous due diligence process which ensures that the policies, providers, and partners we have are reviewed regularly and kept to a high standard. We’ve shared the details of this process with the BCA for transparency and accountability.

Introducing The Benefact Group

Lloyd & Whyte are a very different type of business. You may not know that we’re owned by a charity and are part of an international family of specialist financial services companies that give all available profits to good causes. The good news is that, by working with us, you are a huge part of the difference we make through giving.

So, we’d like to tell you a little about the Group we’re part of. It operates in the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia and the name Benefact comes from the Latin ‘bene’ and ‘facio’ which means “to do well” for people and good causes. From over five million companies in the UK, our parent group the Benefact Group is the fourth largest corporate donor to good causes.* So, by doing business with us, not only will you continue to receive first class advice and solutions powered by experts, you will also be contributing to our wider Movement for Good, including our various giving programmes.

The Benefact Group recently celebrated donating £100 million to 5,000 charitable causes since 2016. It’s our purpose to better lives through better business. Look out for more ways to get involved by helping the charities closest to your heart through our giving initiatives in 2022.

Visit www.benefactgroup.com to find out more. *DSC – The guide to UK Company Giving 2021-22

Here are some FAQ in case you were wondering.

Are you still Lloyd & Whyte?
Yes, our trading brand remains the same as does the way we work with you. There is no change for you. We will refer to ourselves as ‘proudly part of the Benefact Group’ because we are proud of being part of something different and bigger with a distinctive purpose – we give all our available profits to good causes.

Have you been taken over by a big corporate?
No, this is simply a name change for our parent, now called the Benefact Group. Our business will continue to be run in the same way with no additional involvement from our Group in day-to-day decision making. The high-quality people, service and products you receive today will continue, there is no change.