Top tips for desk working on National #CleanYourDeskDay

To help you on National #CleanYourDeskDay why not think about how you are working at your desk too.

Woman at desk

Here are our top tips:


Keep moving: If you are required to sit in one position for long periods of time as part of your job, at work or on a long drive, for example, try to take breaks to move your joints and muscles at least every 30 minutes

Get up, stand up!: Try finding times in your day where you can stand, such as conducting phone calls while standing up to help build additional, simple movement into your day

Set it up right: Setting your workstation up in a comfortable position will help to prevent the onset of back pain throughout the day. Think about the height of your screen, how well your back is supported and the height of your knees so that you are seated in a comfortable position