The importance of the BCA Patient Charter for building a strong, confident, and proud chiropractic community within the modern healthcare system

Part 2

How does the BCA Patient Charter make you feel? This is a question we have been asking members since we launched the Charter in November 2022, and we’re excited to share with you some of their thoughts and perspectives on how it makes them feel empowered, confident and proud to represent the BCA and its values.

We undertook a number of interviews with members at different stages of their careers, which we will share with you throughout March. Next in line is James West, a newly graduated Chiropractor from London South Bank University, who told us about how the BCA Patient Charter helps him to advance his skillset and feel more confident when engaging with his patients.

Before you get into today’s interview, click here if you are not familiar with the BCA Patient Charter and want to find out more. BCA members can also download the Patient Charter for the digital screens in their clinics or request printed copies of it by clicking here.

To read the first interview in this series, click here.

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, focusing on your career history so far?

Hi, my name is James West and I’m a newly graduated chiropractor working in Kent at Sevenoaks Chiropractic Clinic. I studied at London South Bank University, being part of the first cohort of LSBU graduates, where I was lucky enough to learn from some of the best minds in the profession. I have a particular interest in sports chiropractic, and I have been working with a semi professional football team in London for the past two seasons, gathering valuable experience working with athletes. I am also working towards my ICSC, which I am hoping to complete in the next year.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the BCA?

From the very first day of my chiropractic education, the BCA were there to support me and my classmates, something we all appreciated due to how daunting a journey we were about to start. Now being part of the BCA, that support is still there, and it’s great to know that there is an organisation that continues to push the chiropractic profession forward in the UK.

How does the Patient Charter help advance your skill set?

I first learned of the Patient Charter at the 2022 BCA Conference, and after reading it I knew that this could act as an amazing guide to make sure I am covering every aspect of being an evidence-based, patient-centred clinician. It has encouraged me to continue to strive to be the best I can be through advancing my education constantly and has made me a better-rounded clinician.

How does being part of the BCA make you feel a part of a community?

The 2022 BCA Conference was my first in person chiropractic conference, and so I did not know many people very well, meeting most people in person for the first time. The welcome I got was great, with people extending their kindness to me and offering me guidance in my early career. The connections with other BCA members showed me that I will always have support if I need it, and that the opportunities I have, to learn through the BCA and its members are endless.

How does the BCA and Patient Charter make you feel more confident when engaging with patients?

The BCA hosts frequent free CPD events throughout the year which are always very interesting and easy to apply into clinical practice. Being new to chiropractic, is it quite difficult to make big changes to my clinical style when I am still getting used to seeing patients full time, however the way these lectures are organised make it easy. The Patient Charter also helps with this, consistently reminding me of the key traits that every patient centre chiropractor must be displaying.