Score better back health this Women’s World Cup

Football fever has officially hit the nation as the lionesses prepare to battle it out in this year’s Women’s World Cup tournament. If you’re planning on hitting the football pitch and donning a pair of football boots, follow British Chiropractic Association President, Catherine Quinn’s top tips to avoid any aches or pains from getting between you and your hopes of kicking it with the best of them.


  1. Warm up –Taking just a few minutes to warm up properly before a football match will prepare your body for exercise and reduce your risk of injury. Try adding some dynamic stretching into your warm-up routines. High leg swings and high knee kicks are a great way to get your leg muscles moving.


  1. Ease yourself intomatch life – If you’re new to the world of football, make sure you ease your body into each game. Overexertion and fatigue are two of the most common causes of injury, so instead of playing a full 90 minutes, enjoy a shorter five-a-side style game.


  1. Keep it loose – Make sure your clothing is loose and comfortable whilst providing you with support where required – especially for your feet! When playing football, it is important to remember you’ll been on your feet for a long period of time, so take your time when you’re deciding which shoes are right for you.


  1. Respect Injuries – If you’re experiencing significant pain during or after playing, seek advice from a chiropractor or another health professional. Common injuries in football include pulled hamstrings, quads and sprained ankles. Whilst this may not necessarily mean you need to stop playing, it might be time to temporarily reduce your load and allow your body time to heal.


  1. Cool down– Just as important as the warm-up is the cool down! Whether you’ve been playing for a full 90 minutes or a shorter five-a-side game, it’s essential to stretch out your body. Put aside 10-15 minutes for a thorough cool down, incorporating both low-intensity cardiovascular exercise and stretching your lower limbs thoroughly.



About the British Chiropractic AssociationThe BCA is the largest and longest-standing association for Chiropractors in the UK and has been named ‘Best Professional Body of the Year’ at the Memcom Excellence Awards 2022 for its Repositioning Project which has played a pivotal role in changing the healthcare landscape for the better. As well as promoting international standards of education and exemplary conduct, the BCA supports Chiropractors to progress and develop to fulfil their professional ambitions with honour and integrity, at every step. The BCA is raising awareness about the rigour, relevance and evidence driving the profession and the association’s ambition for chiropractic to be more closely embedded within mainstream healthcare. In 2022, the BCA launched the Patient Charter; a pledge, displayed with pride by BCA chiropractors to provide transparency and reassurance to patients.