Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
I’m so pleased to have this opportunity to wish you a happy New Year and a successful 2018 on behalf of the BCA Council and staff. I hope that you were able to spend some quality time with those who mean the most to you over Christmas. As I waved my sister off at the airport on the 23rd, I was reminded that we cannot always be with the people we care about most at this time of year but that we are so fortunate to be living in an age where I could then FaceTime her while she celebrated Christmas day on Bondi Beach! (I’m only slightly jealous…)
The advancements that have been made in digital technology allow us to feel part of a worldwide community rather than being isolated to our own regions. As a profession, chiropractic must also be willing to embrace the advancements which strengthen us and allow us to move into the future of healthcare. Diversity will always exist in chiropractic and I do see that as a strength. Whether you like to focus your energies on the treatment of athletes, prefer to build a paediatric practice or, like the majority of our profession, enjoy having a wide-ranging landscape of patients, effective, patient-centred care can always remain at the heart of what you do. Being informed by the wide evidence base available to you, including clinical guidelines and a willingness to work collaboratively with other health professions, is the future and, whilst we must always be informed by our history, we should not live in it.
A New Year’s Gift from the ECU!
The European Chiropractors Union has launched a smartphone/tablet App. It is available free from the App Store and for Android users at
The App will relay news of interest to European chiropractors, important research documents relating to evidence informed care, information about coming events in Europe and key documents about the operation of the ECU. In addition, the ECU is offering the facility free of charge for the BCA to post its own messages to UK chiropractors under a dedicated tab. The BCA Council warmly commends this innovation and encourages all chiropractors in the UK to download the App and give us your feedback.
As we begin another year, I am excited with the opportunities 2018 will bring for the BCA! I look forward to meeting lots of you at the Spring Conference on the 17th March in Heathrow and the Autumn conference on the 13th/14th October in Birmingham. We have great opportunities ahead of us to modernise the way that the BCA functions and supports you while promoting the chiropractic profession. I can also confirm that the GCC has awarded the BCA Autumn Conference 2017 8.25 hours of CPD.
Best wishes always,
Catherine Quinn