New chiropractic degree at Teesside University: September 2020

New Chiropractic Degree at Teesside Universityteesside-uni-logo-2

Applications now open for September 2020 start
The eagerly awaited chiropractic degree in the North East of England is now taking applications for a September 2020 start at Teesside University.
The course is led by Daniel Moore, a 2013 WIOC graduate and BCA member. We caught up with him to find out more about this new addition to the chiropractic education community in the UK.

What’s special about the Teesside course?

“Teesside has an excellent and growing reputation for being a brilliant and supportive institution for students.  Geographically we are excellently placed to take students from the North East of England and Scotland, an area that has been poorly serviced by chiropractic education in the past.  The course sits within the School of Health and Life Sciences and department of Allied Health Professions which gives it great strength from a shared resource ability and shared knowledge point of view.  We are also developing a unique blended approach to our placement model and clinical experience plan.  This will enable students to get a really valuable overview of the profession and add confidence to their learning journey throughout the four years.”

How will this new course compare to the established courses?

“The benefit for us when we developed this curriculum from a blank canvas was not only exciting, but it granted an opportunity for us to do things in a slightly different way.  The placement model is something I feel we may see more of in the future because the benefit it gives students is significant from a confidence point of view, and provides interaction with both the profession and patients from the first semester.  We also could create our modules from scratch giving us the ability to build context into historically quite fixed modular content whilst staying mapped to the education standards.  We also give all students iPads from the start of their degree which will allow us to collaborate and communicate in a really unique and beneficial way throughout the course.”

Where are the placements happening and how can I get involved?

“We are setting up a placement network throughout the North East of England with clinics that wish to partner with the university.  We have done this strategically depending on location, or clinic size and / or capacity.

If people want to be involved or find out more information about how they could be involved, or have any ideas they feel could be of benefit, we’d love to hear.  I can be contacted at”

What made you want to get involved in education?

“I have always been interested in knowledge transfer, and how as individuals we learn and how we develop ourselves.  Part of my draw to being a chiropractor was my wanting to help people become the best version of themselves.  So it isn’t a great leap to the higher educational world where my goal now is similar, facilitating and leading people towards being the best chiropractor they can be.  They can then move into the profession and make a positive impact themselves.  I feel I can make a positive difference to the profession here, and that is important to me.”

What is your goal for the course?

“My goal in my mind is clear.  To create chiropractors that are safe, competent and confident, to go into practice and add value to the chiropractic profession.  I also hope I can create students that are excited to graduate and practice chiropractic, I feel we have a lot to offer as chiropractors and students should be excited about that opportunity.”

Tell us about your background Danieldan-moore-headshotcrop

“I am from the North East of England, so have an affinity to this region.  I am passionate about chiropractic and think my history, since being a student shows my willingness to represent that.  I was a student member of the NMSK faculty of the College of Medicine as well as being on WIOC Student Council for 4 years.  I then moved into practice where I took on delivery of CPD events for the RCC, qualified as an FA Medical Tutor, I was also involved in writing initial material for the RCC’s online Quality Standards offering, and have been involved in multiple British Masters Athletics Medical Team events with a great group of people over the years.  I am a dad, to two wonderful boys and a husband to Elaine (also a chiropractor and BCA member).  I keep myself fit, and race Cross Country Mountain Bikes and Cyclocross to a national level and plan on competing at the World Masters Championships this August all things being well.

Now I lead the chiropractic course at Teesside and I am planning my PhD, I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that lay ahead.”

You can contact Daniel at