Meet the BCA Excellence Award Winner 2022 – Clinic of the Year


Introducing the Village Chiropractic Clinic, winner of the BCA Excellence Award for Clinic of the Year 2022. Jennifer Hudson, a BCA member, nominated the clinic for the award based on their impact on the infant feeding community support project.

The Village Chiropractic clinic provide free monthly face-to-face support groups in the clinic. These groups are staffed by peer supporters who have trained in liaison with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and funding is paid by the clinic.

The clinic now receives referrals from a wide range of Health Care Professionals who are now understanding better the role of chiropractic in infant feeding and in working with the mother-baby dyad.

The clinic is working alongside the NHS in order to understand the needs of parents in Staffordshire and have identified the need for development of a peer support café to be set up at the Neonatal Unit at the Royal Stoke Hospital. More recently Jennifer has been asked to participate in a larger NHS and public health infant feeding team to review the current services in the county and to understand how best to improve these.

Here is what Jenny had to say about receiving the award on behalf on the clinic:

“I’m delighted to have received this award. I truly understand the importance for chiropractors to be recognised for the work they do and to work alongside other healthcare providers.

As a BCA Chiropractor, not only do we provide best in class chiropractic treatment, but we also put the patient first in all that we do.

Patient centered care should put the patient first and foremost in their decision making, the patient is the conductor with everyone who forms part of their support team, whether it be their GP, Chiropractor, Midwife or Partner, are their orchestra. The patient is given all the details as to the music that is played, it is completely up to them how they allow the music to be heard.”

Congratulations to the Village Chiropractic Clinic!

You can find the full nomination for the Village Chiropractic Clinic here.

Shortlisted candidates for the BCA Excellence Awards were voted on by BCA Members. The Village Chiropractic Clinic has been awarded as the Clinic of the Year 2022 based on the number of votes received.