Meet the BCA Excellence Award Winner – Chiropractors’ Chiropractor

Introducing Chris Chippendale, winner of the BCA Excellence Award for Chiropractors’ Chiropractor. Theveenah Balasubramaniam, a BCA member, nominated Chris for the award for his impact on the Chiropractic community.

On the evening of the awards, James West accepted Chris’s award on his behalf.

Chris has been practising as clinical director at Sevenoaks Chiropractic Clinic for 7 years. Recognised as a communication guru, Chris provides high quality content for chiropractors to learn from examples including:

  • Chris has taught and delivered programs about patient-centered effective communication
  • Chris is a guest speaker at London South Bank University’s Chiropractic Course.
  • Chris has hosted and participated in a number of well attended webinars for BCA members

Chris’s interests are communication and chronic pain. Chris endeavours to share his knowledge while bringing a community together to improve their collective communication skills.

In her nomination, Theveenah said, “To understand the impact Chris has had on the chiropractic community, you really just need to read one piece of feedback on his communication course that will summarise it all – “I’ve fallen back in love with chiropractic and remembered my ‘why’.

Commenting on his award, Chris said, “It’s both a huge honour and quite overwhelming to have won this award! Thank you to the BCA, to my colleagues and family for supporting me all these years. Thank you also to every chiropractor out there dedicated to putting their patients first, and for being my inspiration. This is such a wonderful and fulfilling profession, and I’m fortunate to be one small part of helping it grow.

Congratulations Chris Chippendale!


You can find the full nomination for Chris Chippendale here.

Shortlisted candidates for the BCA Excellence Awards were voted on by BCA Members. Chris Chippendale has been awarded the Chiropractor’s Chiropractor award based on the number of votes received.