Keep yourself pain free this Glastonbury weekend!

It’s back again, the biggest festival in the UK, Glastonbury Festival! This year is returning with a bang, with a music line up guaranteed to make you move your feet all weekend long. However, with excitement at a high, it is easy to forget to look after your health, so have a look at these top tips from BCA President, Catherine Quinn, on how to avoid backpain and dance the weekend away, pain free.

  • Get the right pack – Make sure that you pick a bag which is going make it easy to transport everything you need to make your Glasto trip comfortable. A sturdy double strapped backpack will help to more evenly distribute the weight of the bag across your body.
  • The right fit – The average Glastonbury attendee will walk 30 miles [1], so shoe choice is vital. Shoes should be flat and flexible, with supportive features for added safety. Walking shoes with a firm ankle-support are ideal as they prevent you from ‘going over’ your ankle.
  • Prep your sleeping area first – Before you put up your tent, make sure you remove large stones or sticks that could dig into your back.
  • Protect your back – Ensure your back is protected against a hard and potentially damp surface by sleeping on a quality approved camping mat or air mattress. Try these out in the shop before buying to find the right base for you – most good stores will have samples available.
  • Keep hydrated – If it’s hot, then you can get very warm ‘under canvas’. Make sure you drink plenty of water and have a water bottle available during the night to stay hydrated.
  • Lift and carry with care – Take care when loading and unloading your camping gear. It’s a good idea to pack your gear into multiple lighter bags, so you can distribute the weight more evenly and reduce strain on your back. If you’re going group camping, divide and conquer the load between you and your group, to avoid overloading yourself.




About the British Chiropractic Association:

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