Happy Christmas

With just a week to Christmas, the final preparations are underway and we are all busy trying to remember what we still need to do. The British Chiropractic Association has some fantastic last minute advice to help you navigate through the Christmas period.

Last minute shopping: If you plan to bag some last minute bargains on the high street, try to carry everything in several bags and spread the load equally on each side. A cross body handbag or rucksack is ideal for carrying your valuables and to carry a few purchases too.

It’s a wrap: When wrapping gifts, sit at a table in a chair that supports your back rather than kneeling on the floor and bending over the gifts as this avoids unnecessary stresses and strains.

Keep moving: With time off, lots of fantastic food to eat and hours of TV to enjoy, it is tempting to spend hours relaxing on the sofa. However, it is important to keep your activity levels up so make sure you take regular breaks and, also, get outdoors with the family to enjoy some walks.