Why be a BCA member in 2021?

We are proud that most of the UK’s chiropractors choose the BCA as their professional association*, benefiting from our unrivalled knowledge and experience. We work hard for our membership, supporting them where and when they need us, which allows our members to care for their patients in the confidence that our backing provides.

BCA bucks trend to reduce fees and insurance premium for 2021

We are delighted to announce that, working with BCA Insurance Services, we have been able to reduce our fees and insurance premium for 2021 due to our response to COVID-19 and how well we advised our members. What really brought about the reduction in the insurance premium was the evidence the BCA gave on the diligence and accuracy of the advice given to members during 2020. From the initial phases of the epidemic, our instinct was to provide a rigorous advice and support service, and this has translated into our insurers evaluating this high-quality advice against their expected risks in 2021.
As we approach the new membership period for 2021, we want to invite you to become part of our dynamic community by showing you some of what we achieved in 2020.

How we helped in 2020

We had some ambitious plans for our 95th anniversary year and then COVID-19 happened. Our role was to work to immediately to try and understand the implications for our members and start to develop ways to interpret the masses of information that started to flood in; articulating and communicating this to our members as we went.

We have worked to support our members by untangling the tangles, helping them navigate what has and is still happening. Providing advice, guidance, tangible ways forward, interpretation of nuances, documents, video sessions as well as one to one advice and our weekly (sometimes more frequent) member communications.

We know how hard the past months have been for chiropractors and we have worked hard every step of the way to help our members in every way we can.

We have also maintained our focus on representing our members across a broad healthcare landscape. Our work with ARMA has enabled us to gain a major, lobbying voice in the healthcare community; given us access to the decision makers and enhanced the credibility of chiropractors across the board.

Looking forward, we are committed to maintaining this fantastic support for our members and also have some exciting plans for 2021, so hope you will want to be part of our vibrant association as we continue to support and represent chiropractic.

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Supporting you – Insurance

We know that many chiropractors choose us as their association because BCA Insurance Services provide the most robust protection for chiropractors on the market, covering both claims by patients and insurance-backed defence costs at the GCC.

For further information about the insurance, including policy wordings and Terms of Business, please click here

Supporting you in your professional life

The BCA is a trusted source for chiropractors but also patients and other stakeholders, who rely on us as the key source of chiropractic information. As such, our website attracts thousands of visits a year with 47,000 people using our ‘Find a Chiropractor’ function, 30,000 accessing our adverts annually 50,000 using us to find out where to train to become a chiropractor.

Run by members, for our members, we use this knowledge and experience to provide unrivalled support for members, including:

  • Bespoke complaint-handling using experienced, specialist insurance advisers to support and defend member interests;
  • A dedicated Pastoral Support Network to lend a listening ear and help members manage tough times
  • Employment, HR and Health and Safety compliance support and advice from a specialist business helpline, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Act on member feedback, listening to member needs which has resulted in us generating resources such as employment contracts, toolkits for GDPR (a suite of 19 compliant policies) and social media content (amongst other things) for members to use.
  • Free subscription to the Research Review Service with further discounts on RRS courses
  • Access to fantastic deals discounts through BCA Plus and BCA Privilege, an exclusive scheme for members to access an impressive portfolio of money-saving discounts including Apple products, golf membership, restaurant dining and much more.

Representing you

We represent member views where it really matters. Here are just a few examples of where and how we do this:

  • We lobbied the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to provide greater clarity for chiropractors in advertising. This led to improved guidelines available for chiropractors, following a webinar we worked in partnership with the ASA on.
  • We fed back to the Ministry of Justice as part of their consultation on medical reporting in Road Traffic Accidents, which asked whether chiropractors were well placed to provide assessments for patients with musculoskeletal complaints after a road traffic accident.
  • We responded to the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), consultations on Fitness to Practise and Non-practising fees, representing member views.

Our democratically run association is led by a Board of elected BCA members, which epitomises our values of quality and decency. BCA members elect our Board to ensure the individual member’s voice is at the heart of our work.

Leading the profession

As the largest professional association of chiropractors in the UK, the BCA is called upon as the voice of the profession in various places.

So far in 2020 our press work has reached over 40 million people through over stories/articles/interviews in the media. One of the most far-reaching roles we undertake for the membership is in the UK media, being approached for comment weekly, as well as working to generate more positive coverage of chiropractic.

The BCA is the only UK professional association which represents UK chiropractors at European and international level:

  • We care about ensuring the development of chiropractic across the globe, which is why we were a founding member of the European Chiropractors’ Union and subsequently the World Federation of Chiropractic
  • We care about the legitimacy and evidence-base of the chiropractic profession, which is why all members contribute to the Chiropractic Research Council. This contribution expands research capacity, supports researchers and produces valuable chiropractic-related research

Supporting members throughout their career

We know that different times in your career can bring different challenges, which is why we have a progressive membership model (see table below).

Individual Membership Costs 2021

The membership period runs from 1st January to 31st December each year. For practising BCA membership categories there are several tiers of cost, depending on your year of graduation.

Year of Graduation Member Fee Total (includes contribution to Chiropractic Research Fund) £ Optional Insurance (incl Insurance Premium Tax @ 12%) £ Membership and Insurance Total £
2020 150 732.46 882.46
2019 400 831.44 1231.44
2018 500 831.44 1331.44
2017 (and earlier) 620 831.44 1451.44
Returning from maternity/ paternity/ adoption leave 400 831.44 1231.44
Academic rate 400 831.44 1231.44
In membership 50+ years 50 831.44 881.44
Practising Past President 50 831.44 881.44
Associated UK Member 125 N/A 125
Associated Overseas Member 150 N/A 150
Student Membership 0 N/A 0
Honorary 0 N/A 0

For those graduating during 2021, BCA membership is free! You will also pay insurance on a pro-rata basis.

2021 Graduate Joining in: Member fee total £ Optional Insurance (incl Insurance Premium Tax @ 12%) £ Membership and Insurance Total £
June 0 427.26 427.26
July 0 366.22 366.22
August 0 305.19 305.19
September 0 244.15 244.15
October 0 183.11 183.11
November 0 122.07 122.07
December 0 61.03 61.03

If, as a BCA member, you would be interested in Entity cover, please email BCA Insurance Services bcainsurance@lloydwhyte.com.

What do I need to do now?

If you would like to join the BCA for both Membership and Insurance, you can do so by clicking here and completing our membership and insurance application form

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If you would like to join the BCA but retain your insurance elsewhere, you can join on a Member Only basis.

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If you choose to pay by direct debit, payments are taken over 10 monthly installments, starting in January, which makes membership and insurance easy to administer for you. You can, alternatively, pay by BACS as a single payment.

Full Membership

To become a Full, voting, member of the Association, one of the requirements for this is successful completion of the PRT programme run by the Royal College of Chiropractors.
If, however, you graduated at least five years ago and did not undertake the PRT programme at the time, there is currently a potential route to Full BCA membership for you as an experienced chiropractor. The BCA will need evidence that you have achieved the equivalent of the requirements of the current PRT programme.

If you wish to pursue this route, you need to complete this form

(In the case of a new member, this form needs to be completed in addition to a BCA membership application form).

Once the form is submitted and accepted, the name of the applicant would go to the next Annual General Meeting in order to be passed into Full Membership.

Other categories of membership

We also offer free membership to Chiropractic Students

Make an Application for Student Membership


For chiropractors not practising in the UK, we offer Associate Membership. This membership category does not include insurance; it is a keeping-in-touch category of membership.

The costs of this membership are: Not practicing in the UK and based in the UK: £125   Not practicing in the UK and based outside of the UK £150

This includes access to the  BCA Members’ Area, the BCA magazine, Contact and BCA Plus, range of offers and discounts on a wide range of products and services.

Make an Application for Non-Practising UK or Overseas Membership


If you have any queries about becoming a member, please contact enquiries@chiropractic-uk.co.uk

There has never been a better time to become part of the #BCAfamily.

Help us build a better, stronger association for you and your patients.

*based on latest GCC report on the number of practising chiropractors.