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We have a very special offer for chiropractors. If you join the BCA between now and 31st January 2019, you will receive three months free membership for 2019*!


We know that being a chiropractor can be tough which is why the #BCAfamily is here to support chiropractors in all walks of their professional and personal lives. The strength of the BCA is down to the strength of our 1500+ members and we’re committed to rewarding loyalty by delivering the very best services and benefits.

Take a look at the BCA. Set aside what you may currently believe about the BCA and take a fresh look at what being a member of the #BCAfamily can offer you. Over the past 12 months, the BCA has gone through some exciting changes with a brand new Board and Executive. We believe that being a BCA member offers you unparalleled opportunities to grow your practice in an environment of collaboration and support.

  • Monthly direct debits; spread the cost of your membership
  • Exclusive access to #BCAPlus, our exclusive, one-stop shop for a huge range of negotiated benefits on products and services
  • Commitment to research in the UK by establishing the Chiropractic Research Council and providing member subscription to the Research Review Service
  • Running successful PR campaigns and forging key relationships with major brands
  • Employment, tax, VAT, HR and Health & Safety compliance support and advice through a specialist business helpline.
  • Bespoke complaints handling service with unrivaled practical and pastoral support
Read more about the benefits of BCA membership.

Individual Membership Costs

The membership period runs from 1st January to 31st December each year. For practising BCA membership categories there are several tiers of cost, depending on your year of graduation.

Year of Graduation Membership Fee ECU Membership Chiropractic Research Fund Contribution Total Membership fee Insurance Premium
2018 NIL NIL NIL NIL £789.67
2017 £232    174* £150 £50 £432    374*
2016 £304   228* £150 £50 £504    428*
2015 and earlier £420    315* £150 £50 £620    515*
*pay less, get 3 months free if you join before 31/1/19
*pay less, get 3 months free if you join before 31/1/19 – offer for applications from new members received between 1/11/18 – 31/1/19 for a start date on or before 31/1/2019. Offer applies to chiropractors who have not been in membership of the BCA for at least 12 months prior to date of application. Reduction is to BCA membership fee and excludes ECU, CRC and insurance payments).  The figures shown in purple are the offer prices.
To apply for membership of the BCA, complete the BCA Membership Application Form and the Indemnity Insurance Application Form. If you also require Entity Cover as part of your application (Entity cover explained here) you can also do this as part of the online application.

Membership and Insurance Applications

You can be the member of more than one association so, for those practising in the UK and wanting to apply for membership of the BCA without insurance, complete this BCA Membership (no insurance) Application Form. Fees would be as shown above but without the insurance premium.

Membership Only Applications


Additional Information

Download the BCA Membership Insurance Information Pack