Introducing a new resource for members, stakeholders, and patients – the BCA Knowledge Hub

In line with our new brand repositioning, we are now delighted to announce the launch of a new resource for BCA members, students, stakeholders, patients and the general public: 

The BCA Knowledge Hub

Click the title to access the hub

This new resource will act as a hub to host all BCA thought leadership articles, health features, member stories and more! It will provide valuable information in various subject areas, including clinical advice for patients, study tips for students, and healthcare- and industry-specific insights for chiropractors and stakeholders.  

All this content will now be available in one single place on the BCA’s website.

We are pleased to launch this new resource with a series of articles discussing the importance of the BCA Patient Charter for building a strong, confident, and proud chiropractic community within the modern healthcare system. We undertook a number of interviews with members at different stages of their careers, which we will be sharing with you throughout March. First in line is BCA Vice President, Tim Button, who spoke to us about what it means to him to be part of and represent the British Chiropractic Association, and how the Patient Charter prepares him to discuss how chiropractic is integral to UK healthcare. Click here to access the full article.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can access the Knowledge Hub via this link or via the ‘Knowledge Hub’ tab on the homepage of our website.

One of the objectives of the new BCA Knowledge Hub is to provide flexibility and efficiency in our communication. Having a dedicated space on the BCA website for all our in-depth content will ensure that we can share this content consistently throughout the year, on a daily and weekly basis, keeping you up to date with the latest information and advice.

We know that our members and wider audiences enjoy reading Contact magazine and we will continue to produce it once a year, in both print and digital, serving as a special ‘bumper’ edition, containing more content and information.

Yes, with the only difference that you can now do so as frequently as you like. The Knowledge Hub gives the BCA the flexibility to publish content from members and other contributors on regular basis, unaffected by production limitations, such as time in the year and number of available spaces.

If you’d like to submit content for the BCA Knowledge Hub and/or Contact magazine, please contact our Content and Communication Officer, Katrin Mahfuz at

Please note that we follow strict editorial guidelines when selecting the content that we publish on our communication channels, and we may refuse to do so if any given submission does not comply with our editorial requirements. To request a copy of our editorial guidelines for your reference, please contact the BCA’s Content and Communication Officer at

Yes. The content published on the BCA Knowledge Hub is available to all and can be shared.

Yes. All content that is available exclusively to members (e.g. member resources such as template contracts), will continue to be shared via the members’ area of the BCA’s website, which can be accessed via the ‘Members Home’ tab on the website’s homepage.

Please note that you will need to log in to access the members’ area, using your BCA Member number and password.


We hope you enjoy this new resource, and we can’t wait to continue to develop it with the help and expertise of our members and stakeholders.