Individual Membership Application

Please complete the online application form below or download the forms to be completed offline.

There are also notes to help you complete your application forms.

Please note that you will need to upload the following as a part of your application:

  • Passport sized photo of yourself.
  • Letter of reference from your college of graduation (for character and professional and academic performance).
  • A character reference from someone you know – doctor, priest etc.  (This cannot be from a family member or chiropractor)
  • Copies of your Chiropractic Diploma/Degree
  • Overseas applicants: An additional letter of reference – in English – from your national association, even if you are not a member. If there is no national association in your country, then enclose a letter from an individual of good standing, preferably a Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Overseas applicants: A copy of your work visa
  • Please note that where you are asked for a proposer and seconder in the form, this must be from a full member of the BCA or a Faculty Member (who is a full BCA member) from the College/University you have attended.

Please note that there could be delays in processing your application if there are issues with the membership  application form or the uploaded materials. If you have any queries, please call BCA Membership Support: 0118 950 5950

NB: The subscription rates for 2018 Graduates is £290 from the date of graduation until the 31st December 2018 (£125 for those joining in either November or December)