Individual Membership Application (including insurance)

Please complete the online application form below (scroll down)

Please note the following as a part of your application:

  • Please allow at least three full working days between submitting your application and when you want membership to start and your insurance cover to commence. If you are waiting for GCC registration, you must make sure you have your full registration confirmed before starting to practise and this must not be before the date of inception on your insurance documents.
  • You will need to upload proof of your Chiropractic Diploma/Degree unless you are rejoining the BCA (you may still need to resubmit this information if it is some time since you were last in membership).
  • Overseas applicants: You will need to confirm you have the necessary permissions in place to practise in the UK, including the GCC Test of Competence.
  • Member and insurance rates are subject to pro-rata calculation if you join during the calendar year.
  • Please do not make any payments until you have been contacted with instructions on ways you can pay and how much is owed.
  • If you have any queries about membership, please contact  

Notes about Insurance

  • BCA Insurance Services is a trading name of Lloyd & Whyte Ltd.
  • Full information about BCA Insurance can be found here.
  • If you require Entity Cover as part of your application (please see page 7 of the Insurance Information Pack here) you can also do this as part of the online application.
  • If you have queries about BCA Insurance, please contact

Individual Membership Costs 2024

The membership period runs from 1st January to 31st December each year.

Anyone joining part way through the year will be charged on a pro-rated basis.

For practising BCA membership categories there are several tiers of cost, depending on your year of graduation.

If you want to join before the end of 2023 and would like to know the costs, please email

BCA Fee Table 2024

Year of GraduationMember Fee Total (includes  Chiropractic Research Levy) £Insurance (incl Insurance Premium Tax @ 12%) £Membership and Insurance Total £
2020 (and earlier)650935.391585.39
Returning from parental leave *420935.391355.39
Practising academic faculty rate **420935.391355.39
Non-practising academic faculty rate ***210935.391145.39
In membership 50+ years ****50935.39985.35
Practising Past President50935.39985.35
Student membership0n/a0
Associated membership *****140n/a140

* Members who are returning from maternity, paternity, shared parenting or adoption leave. N.B. Please advise the BCA both in advance of leave and ahead of a return to work.  

** Those working at a GCC-accredited chiropractic teaching institution, who are in private practice outside of faculty work. Must be working in a faculty role of around 15 hours or more per week / or at the discretion of the BCA Board/Director of Membership & Operations. Can be taken as ‘Member only’ or ‘Member with insurance’. Subject to application. 

*** Those working at a GCC-accredited chiropractic teaching institution in the UK, who are not in private practice. This could be taken as member only or as member with insurance (if the faculty role requires individual insurance). Subject to application. 

**** Those who have been practicing members of the BCA for 50 or more consecutive years.

***** Members who are no longer practising as a chiropractor in the UK (and not GCC registered). Domiciled in the UK or overseas

Where there are extenuating financial circumstances, illness, or family issues, a concessionary consideration may be made on member fees. Amount and period at the discretion of the Board / Director Membership & Operations. Subject to application. All reduced and concessionary rates are subject to annual review. 

Graduating as a chiropractor in 2024?

For those graduating during 2024, BCA membership is free! You will also pay insurance on a pro-rata basis.

2024 Graduate Fees Table

Month of GraduationMember Fee Total £Insurance (incl Insurance Premium Tax @ 12%) £Membership and Insurance Total £
Individual Membership Costs 2023
Just joining as a member with no insurance?

You can be the member of more than one association so, for those practising in the UK and wanting to apply for membership of the BCA, but without insurance, use the button below to access the no-insurance online application form. For the fees for membership only, view the membership fee column above. You can still opt to pay for your membership only by direct debit.

If you need to apply for membership only (with no insurance), click here