Individual Membership Application

Please complete the online application form below

Please note that you will need to upload the following as a part of your application:

  • Copies of your Chiropractic Diploma/Degree – only if you are not already registered with the GCC
  • Overseas applicants: You will need to confirm you have the necessary papers in place to practise in the UK and these must be accepted by the GCC for registration.
  • Please do not make any payments until you have been contacted by BCA Insurance services

Please note that there could be delays in processing your application if there are issues with the membership  application form or the uploaded materials. If you have any queries, please call BCA Membership Support: 01506 639607

Individual Membership Costs

The membership period runs from 1st January to 31st December each year. For practising BCA membership categories there are several tiers of cost, depending on your year of graduation.

Year of Graduation Membership Fee ECU Membership Chiropractic Research Fund Contribution Total Membership fee Insurance Premium
2018 NIL NIL NIL NIL £789.67
2017 £232 £150 £50 £432 £896.32
2016 £304 £150 £50 £504 £896.32
2015 and earlier £420 £150 £50 £620 £896.32
To apply for membership of the BCA, complete the BCA Membership Application Form and the Indemnity Insurance Application Form – below. If you also require Entity Cover as part of your application (Entity cover explained here) you can also do this as part of the online application.
Please allow at least 2 full working days between submitting your application and when you want insurance cover to start. Additionally, if you are waiting for GCC registration as well, we will notify them direct once you are on cover but make sure you have your full registration with them in place before starting to practise.

You can be the member of more than one association so, for those practising in the UK and wanting to apply for membership of the BCA without insurance, use the button below to access the no-insurance online application form.

Membership Only Applications