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If you are currently studying chiropractic at one of the UK institutions, you will have received updates directly from them about the efforts they have gone to, to continue your education. Below you can see some of the steps that have been taken by the institutions who currently have students studying on their courses.

“There has been a lot of work with stakeholders to ensure that our current final year students have the best possible opportunity to complete the programme and move into clinical practice.  The use of innovative technology and an intuitive software platform enabled WIOC staff to create a virtual clinic exit exam based upon an agreed format derived by WIOC, AECCUC and McTimoney College.  With written assessment moved online and changes in portfolio submission as coursework, we were able to complete the final year assessment menu in time for progression boards in June/July.

The WIOC at USW, alongside other universities, has cleared the way for the current final year class to graduate on time this year despite the lockdown and pandemic crisis as a result of the collaboration of UK chiropractic institutions and their work with the GCC regarding an agreed protocol for final year students to complete their degree.

The commitment of WIOC staff, supervising tutors and academic management was instrumental in this process.  Our work with the BCA and their commitment to our students has made this journey possible.”


The General Chiropractic Council has also been working with the chiropractic educators to ensure any changes meet their standards and expectations.

“We have been working closely with all the educational institutions to collectively consider plans for teaching and assessment and are pleased to see that clinic exit exams have gone ahead albeit remotely in many cases and that students should be able to graduate this summer and join the register.  Given the current uncertainty in higher education around the next academic year, we are also working with institutions to ensure plans are in place for all current students and those enrolling in September.

In May, issued a statement to students on our website.”


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