Benefits of Membership

The British Chiropractic Association has been developing and progressing, representing members’ needs and interests for 85 years.

It has built up a huge knowledge of the profession and across the healthcare environment in the UK; it is uniquely placed to represent members’ needs in a positive and balanced way.

The BCA has also built up an unrivalled range of member benefits and services.

Join the BCA Now





  • Comprehensive insurance package
  • Subsidised fee structures
  • Free tax, employment and health & safety advice online and via bespoke online portal
  • Skilled office staff, there to support and advise you
  • Free access to the latest worldwide research
  • Discounted X-Ray reporting service
  • Members’ website, packed with a wide range of information and downloadable tools
  • Regular newsletter and magazine
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For Patients


  • Patient support information
  • Expanding suite of online videos
  • Promotional leaflets and reminder cards
  • Clinic stationary
  • Extensive, respected public website
  • Practice-Based Patient Complaints Procedure
  • ‘Find a Chiropractor’ feature on website attracts thousands of hits per month



For Business


  • Largest UK Association classifieds: online and in print
  • Corporate Yellow Pages and Thomson boxes
  • Variety of marketing packs and bespoke advice
  • X-Ray compliance advice and guidance

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  • New patient referrals via phone and website queries
  • Lobbying the media
  • Lobbying organisations such as ASA on behalf of chiropractors
  • Individualised advice and assistance
  • Range of marketing tools and downloads
  • High-profile brand partnerships
  • Regional market research and press releases for exclusive membership use

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For the Future


  • Empowering members to engage with the NHS
  • Lobbying for chiropractic and the BCA across many agencies
  • Assist in the defence of members at the GCC / in civil cases
  • Establishment of the first UK nationwide research body
  • Ongoing support of UK colleges and students

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