BCA Clinic of the Year nominee 2022 – Advanced Chiropractic Clinics

Advanced Chiropractic are exemplary clinics that have demonstrated their mission and vision to mirror that of the BCA’s own.

Advanced Chiropractic has pursued a goal to be an integral part of many patients’ journeys outside of simply our own clinic walls. For instance, we joined forces with reconstructive, cosmetic surgeons who see chiropractic as a highly recommended route for full musculoskeletal recovery post-op, and refer to us their post-mastectomy patients following chemotherapy. Our role in their recovery has become routine with nearly all patients being recommended to have chiropractic. We set up great links with midwives and health visitors in our areas who now see chiropractic as a forefront solution for pregnant ladies in pain, and who need help to maintain mobility through pregnancy or for their babies who are having difficulty to latch. Before giving up breastfeeding they are recommended to see a chiropractor that could help with this struggle. Also, we have established a strong trust with local neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons who refer to us if they don’t deem surgery necessary, local nurses working in care homes who see their patients struggling to move and many more healthcare professionals.

This trust and reputation for our profession has been built over many years, through attending CPD events at the local hospital, through treating the surgeons/nurses/health visitors/midwives through their own aches and pains, doing talks to local clubs, through helping as many people and healthcare professionals to understand the full extent of what it is we do as chiropractors and what skills we have to offer. This trust and reputation has taken years to build and it is through patience and perseverance that we have done so.

At Advanced Chiropractic we also believe in getting involved in the local community, we have weekly balance aerobics classes held at a care home for the elderly, do regular talks to the WI/U3A on topics such as mobility in the older patient and management of arthritis, talks to local sports teams on self management of injuries, talks to local diabetic/arthritis support groups on self-management, talks for mums at local nurseries on toddler motor development and even to local schools for healthcare days and career days. We wholeheartedly believe that chiropractic needs to be present and seen in the community in the right way, providing useful information to those that need, answering questions about our profession and providing a window into the whole ethos of the BCA’s patient charter. We represent chiropractic in our community as a normal and supportive profession that people can trust.

Advanced Chiropractic chiropractors are all registered with the BCA, have all completed or are completing the RCC’s PRT programme and both clinics are continuing recipients of the RCC’s CMQM and PPQM awards. These awards prove we follow the Standards set by the RCC regarding clinical guidelines, recommendations and quality standards, which are audited clinic and practitioner wide and reviewed on a regular basis. We believe we are the example of chiropractors who put patients first.

Nominated by Sorcha Elliott