BCA Chiropractors’ Chiropractor nominee 2022 – Chris Chippendale

Chris Chippendale is recognised as a communication guru, yet I still believe he belongs in higher esteem within the chiropractic community.

Chris began his career after graduating from WIOC University in 2011, and has been practising as clinical director at Sevenoaks Chiropractic Clinic for 7 years.

Having an interest in communication and chronic pain, Chris endeavours to share the knowledge he’s compounded, whilst bringing a community together to improve their collective communication skills in this area. To that end, Chris produces an enormous volume of such high quality content for chiropractors to learn from.

  • He’s taught and delivered programs about patient-centered effective communication which are available to everyone on Facebook (that you’ll no doubt have come across yourselves!)
  • He is a guest speaker at London South Bank University’s chiropractic course.
  • Already above and beyond, he also opts to spend time hosting and participating in BCA webinars with his peers, and has been a PRT trainer and speaker for new graduates for many years.

Though I’ve been impacted by all this, on a more personal level I see Chris’s talent and passion more intensely. Whilst working with him at Sevenoaks Chiropractic Clinic, I’ve had the pleasure to be able meet with Chris on a regular basis, where he provides invaluable support during the early stages of my career. He is always able to make time despite his busy diary for the 3 new graduates working alongside him, one such occasion calling me on his way to a wedding to discuss a case concerning a difficult new patient undergoing a severe mental health crisis.

To understand the impact Chris has had on the chiropractic community, you really just need to read one piece of feedback on his communication course that will summarise it all.

“I’ve fallen back in love with chiropractic and remembered my ‘why’.”

Nominated by Theveenah Balasubramaniam