BCA Awards 2020

A special edition of our annual awards, to mark those members who have really shone during the COVID-19 pandemic

Congratulations to the students who have won BCA graduation prizes this year








A special shout out to out CPD superstars, who volunteered their time and expertise for free to our embers during lockdown – Steve Williams, Jesper Dahl, Ulrik Sandstrøm, Shane Lawler and Owain Evans

The Lockdown Legends – for going the extra mile during that very strange time earlier in the year.

Ulrik Sandstrøm, for his unwavering tech support to enable the BCA to bring you so much of the CPD offering that we have

Philippa Oakley, for being so helpful with business advice and support

Marc Sanders, for his dedication to our PR efforts

Awarded for his outstanding services to Chiropractic, the 2020 BCA Chiropractor of the Year is PETER DIXON!

Our chiropractor of the year for 2020 is….

🏆An AECC Graduate from 1984, with a cohort of just 37 students
🏆Joined a UK profession of less than 200!
🏆Joined BCA Council in 1986 and saw the Chiropractors Act passed!
🏆BCA President 1995 -1999
🏆Established The College of Chiropractors (now the Royal College of Chiropractors)
🏆Member of the guideline development committee for the first NICE guidance on Low Back Pain
🏆Fellow of The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
🏆Director of the Society for Promoting Chiropractic Education
🏆A loving husband, father of 5 and a practising chiropractor!!