This form is for chiropractors, NOT currently practising in the UK, who wish to join the BCA on a ‘keeping in touch’ basis. Chiropractors in this category may live in the UK or overseas (costs will vary according to location).

You may be GCC registered but must not be practising in the UK.

This non-practising category of membership comes with some limited access to BCA services and does not include any insurance element at all.

Membership Application - Non Practising Associate

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  • This can be a home or clinic address We use this to make contact with you about your membership.
  • If you have any queries please contact
  • About You

  • The best number to contact you on with any queries. This could be a mobile or landline.
  • We may send you information about your membership to this address. You should give us an email address that only you have access to or you know who accesses it and are happy with them viewing emails from us.
  • Your Training

  • Your Experience

  • Please give details, including dates, of other chiropractic associations to which you belong or have belonged, including those overseas.
    BCA non-practising membership categories are only available to chiropractors not currently practising in the UK. If you are practising, please let us know so we can convert your membership.
  • Please give details of other current or former professions practised and/or qualifications/degrees held