Wellness patient base ready to take over

Walk into my established patient base of 125 visits per week, South West UK.

Feel like you’re not fulfilling your potential? It is time to stop diluting your results. Willow offers you the freedom to practice your way by providing you with the support, coaching and resources to guarantee continued success.

What is on offer:

● I am moving to another Willow clinic closer to home so we are looking for someone to take on my gorgeous patients
● Established wellness practice with a consistent stream of new patients; I am currently seeing over 125 visits per week in 25 patient contact hours.
● Take over my income of more than £100,000 per year.
● Benefit from Willow’s world-class coaching program, delivered by a dedicated chiropractic coaching team.
● 3 days off per week – a fantastic work life balance with low stress.
● Our clinics are open plan, state of the art and beautiful. Designed for ambitious and loving chiropractors!

We have poured our hearts, our energy and our vast professional experience into creating an exceptional environment where the success of our chiropractors is guaranteed. It’s time to become the great chiropractor you set out to be.
The hard work has already been done – this is a very unique opportunity to walk into a practice that most chiropractors can only dream about.


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