We operate a clinic with an exploding patient base and are running short of the capacity to see new patients. This is a GREAT problem to have but we NEED to solve it FAST!


We run a multidisciplinary family and wellness care clinic with four gifted associates and other therapist colleagues. The support staff are long-standing, integral in the community, well educated and a hoot. We have a post-graduate in Paediatrics and Pregnancy from Palmer, extra training in radiography, RPS and nutrition. We are very well integrated into the immense surrounding golfing community.

We are leaders; our associates are expertly trained in X-ray diagnostics and application, sports, nutrition, pregnancy and paediatric care.

We have the capacity and ability to nurture, support, educate and elevate your practice to a place you thought was unachievable.

We are offering:
* Options available for remuneration depending on skills and maturity ie. Salary, independent contractor, retainer, bonuses
* Very competitive pay structure for the UK
* Taking over an established patient base
* An abundance of new patients
* GCC fees paid for the first year
* Sponsorship for international candidates
* Guaranteed hours
* Shifts in one or more of our clinics as preferred
* An exceptional mentorship program in all specialties including business mentorship
* Initial accommodation to help you settle and find your home
* In house locuming to help you sustain your patient numbers while rejuvenating yourself
* Potential to buy into the clinics
* Fantastic education system locally for those with family
* Country or city living as you prefer
* Excellent cost of living
* And an altogether great time with people you will quickly accept as your extended family.

Don’t put your hard work to waste!

We are looking for an intelligent, team-oriented, mature and professional individual…and we’re not just saying that!

If you’re excited about being a productive and significant part of our busy Scottish clinic then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Send your CV and a covering letter to fifeassociate@gmail.com

Associate Wanted
Fife, Scotland