Chiropractic practice in Aarhus, Denmark for sale.

The clinic is located in the center of the beautiful city of Aarhus the second biggest city in Denmark- close to the sea side and the forest.
Our clinic is on the first floor in an old scenic and newly renovated 5 story building consisting of different healthcare professionals e.g. MD´s, rheumatologist, dermatologist, dentists, psychologists, osteopaths, ophthalmologist etc.

Our total office space is 230 sq ft. We are a multidisciplinary clinic with 2 chiropractors, 2 physiotherapists, 2 massage therapists, 1 psychologist and 3-4 receptionists. We all appreciate to work in a friendly, relaxed and informal atmosphere with room for a laugh during the day.
The clinic works as a multidisciplinary cooperation. We function as separate and independent economic units, who enjoy the benefits of our teamwork on a daily basis.
The Clinic is very beautiful and newly renovated. The chiropractic unit consists of 2 two adjusting rooms, 4 dressing cabins and the following shared facilities; 2 bathrooms, kitchen, storage room, and an open reception area and a massage room. If needed it is possible to rent 2 additional rooms.
On the top floor, we have access to a large conference room (80-100 sq ft.) with a big balcony (35 sq. ft) overlooking the center of Aarhus.
The practice is located in rented facilities – the different professional groups in our clinic share the common expenses which lower the total costs and contribute to a very attractive turnover.

We have been in practice since 1994. The clinic is busy and well established with a super reputation. There is a great potential for developing the clinic.
Our patients are between 15-60 years of age, the majority are very active patients. We treat many sport related injuries.
If anybody is looking for a possibility to move to Denmark and be the owner of a busy and fantastic clinic- the possibility is here.
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I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Lotte Wilchen, D.C

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Clinic for sale