Functional Neurology seminars, 2020. Discount on places booked by January 31st.

Neuroseminars are pleased to announce our schedule of cpd-accredited seminars for 2020.

Specifically designed for practitioners of manual therapy, the emphasis is on clinical applications and helping you integrate new skills and knowledge into everyday practice.

No prior knowledge of functional neurology is needed; the majority of practitioners who attend our seminars find we refresh and greatly expand upon their undergraduate neurology and neuroanatomy.

Below is a brief summary of how these seminars will benefit your practice and your patients;

* Neurological imbalances can cause and perpetuate common musculoskeletal complaints. Understanding how to assess and treat the underlying cause improves patient outcome and reduces the chance of relapse.

* Functional neurology will help you better understand, and more specifically treat, neurological conditions frequently seen in clinical practice, e.g. vertigo, dizziness, headaches, migraines, whiplash and mild traumatic brain injury.

* Muscle imbalances, spinal instability, altered spinal curves and persistent head tilts/ head rotations can be caused by cerebellar or other functional brain imbalances; we will show you how to deal with, and correct these issues.

* We’ll demonstrate novel treatment interventions to address brain imbalances, including fast-stretching, vestibular stimulation and cerebellar rehabilitation. Various physical and mental exercises designed to activate different regions of the brain will also be explained and demonstrated.

* Discover why undesirable side effects of treatment, such as excessive soreness, headaches, nausea or light-headedness can occur, and how to avoid them.

All seminar locations have easy transport links and easy parking.

Seminar notes are included and sent in advance for those wanting to pre-read.

Discounted rates for students and new graduates.

Discount on multiple seminar bookings.

Additional early booking discount on places booked before January 31st.

For full details of upcoming seminars, locations and dates, please visit us at;

London / Nottingham

Richard Ingall