Full-time Associate Chiropractor required to take over a patient list in S.E. London

Target Health has been established for 23 years and at its current location for 12 years. The departing associate has been at the clinic for 6 years and is returning home to Italy.

We have a holistic approach to our practice, using Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, S.O.T. and Diversified adjusting. We use A.K. for Nutritional problems and N.E.T. for emotional/stress issues. Knowledge of these techniques would be beneficial but more importantly a willingness to learn and practice this way as we will be mentoring over the first year.

Enquiries should be directed to Daniel Cheung, tel: 02087712070 or email: targethealthchiro@outlook.com or targethealth@hotmail.co.uk

Associate Wanted
SE London

Daniel Cheung