Foundation Course of Applied Kinesiology – An accredited Basic Course of ICAK

This is the newly structured FIVE WEEKEND COURSE, and is the official course of the International College of Applied Kinesiology.
Commencing 10/11 October 2020, it will be held at the Hilton London Gatwick Airport RH6 0LL.
Course includes:
Basic AK principles and muscle testing;
Vertebral and peripheral joint analysis;
Orthomolecular nutrition and its application;
Glandular dysfunction & how to treat it;
Cranial & pelvic dysfunction and the impact of the TMJ;
Tissue acidity and Inflammation – and their role in almost everything.

This is a clinically relevant and powerful course of study that will guarantee to expand both your
knowledge and your diagnostic skills!
Why, when, where and how to treat are the basic needs of every practitioner – this course will take you beyond structure and provide you with a true understanding of holistic dis-ease and how to correct it.

Hilton London Gatwick Airport

ICAK-UK Secretary