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We are looking for a positive and motivated full-time chiropractor to join the team at
Blackfen Chiropractic Clinic. We are a small, busy and committed clinical team with a
focus to positively influence patient’s health.
What is on offer:
 Full time chiropractic associate position
 Earnings £40 000- £70 000 p/a, based on 50/50 percentage patient
fees split. Employee options can be considered.
 Min guaranteed income £2,400 p/m for first 3 months.
 30 hours patient-facing per week and alternative Saturday mornings
 Provided a steady flow of new patients
 60-minute new patient and 20 minute follow-up appointments with a
focus on patient-centred, evidence-based management.
 Mentoring with a registered PRT trainer.
 On-site CPD events
 Strong multi-disciplinary practice with support from massage and
talking therapies.

Blackfen Chiropractic Clinic is a well-established, modern and purpose designed clinic in
the Borough of Bexley. Being in the Greater London area, it caters for the busyness of a
London clinic and the tranquillity of living in the countryside.

You would be ideal for the position if you are:
 A motivated chiropractor (experienced or new graduate)
 Positive, patient centred, solutions orientated, collaborative, eager to
learn and improve

This is the ideal opportunity if you love working as part of a team and value learning

We look forward to helping and supporting your career in chiropractic care.

To apply for the position, please send us your CV and a Cover Letter.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to visit our clinic or require more information.

The closing date for applications is Monday 18 July 2022

Please send documents to our email address – info@blackfenchiropracticclinic.co.uk

Associate Wanted